In order to create a wireless connection, a Bluetooth device, the Arduino Nano and a power supply were attached to the hacked MindFlex. Later, the total weight was reduced by connecting the VCC pin on the bluetooth module to the B+ on the bottom of the headset board so the external power supply would not be needed.

The completed headset allowed the user to have a wireless, hands-free experience.

Figure 21a-b. The Arduino Nano and a Bluetooth device were attached to the headset (a) and encased in a custom-made plastic box for support and protection (b).
Figures 22a-c. Buildng board for attaching components to the headset.
Figures 23a-c. Packaging components for attachment to headset.

A lightweight plastic case designed to support and protect the headset elements was laser cut and mounted to the headband. After taking measurements, a sketch was made with the dimensions noted. Next, a template was created in Adobe Illustrator for the laser cut process.

Figure 24a-b. Sketch and laser cut template of the headset case.

After being laser cut, the plastic case was heated and bent to form the open-ended box. It was then attached to the MindFlex headset case by longer screws.

Figures 24c-e. Plastic case for housing Arduino Nano and Bluetooth device was attached to the MindFlex headset case.

Connecting the Bluetooth with the headset without the Arduino board was considered. In addition, using the headset battery to power the Bluetooth module rather than the external power supply was desired.

The headset board uses 3.3V provided by 3 1.5V AAA batteries. In order for the switch to turn the Bluetooth on and off, the VCC pin on the Bluetooth module was soldered to the B+ on the bottom of the headset board.After testing the program, it was found that the Bluetooth module sent only null data if it was not connected to the Arduino board.

IMG_20130504_152927 IMG_8995
IMG_8997 IMG_9000
IMG_8990 IMG_20130504_170721
Figure 25a-d. Bluetooth studies.

Efforts were also made to embed the Bluetooth module within the headset. However, it was difficult to check its status as it will sleep following a long interval without data transfer.

Figure 26a-c. Headset with Bluetooth module.

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